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Barns nests

Posted on 28 June, 2019 at 0:56

Sorry I haven't updated the blog as often as I normally do during the nesting season. 
All the nest box chicks have fledged, only Blue tits and Pied Flycatchers nested in them. The Blue Tits struggled, with one nest all the chicks died and the others fledged in the midst of a cool and wet week, with the number low to start.
The Pied Flycatchers were all good size broods 7 or 6. After the loss of one nest with the female dead on the first egg, the others all fledged.
Pete, our bird ringer friend, came and checked his numerous boxes and found mixed results with one site almost nil, yet another higher than in recent years, but also Blue Tits struggling in the weather. I have been busy getting our newly acquired barns and land in some order, and have noticed birds in the barns more than usual, finding a Pied Wagtails nest with 5 chicks, a Grey Wagtail(first for us) with 4 eggs and a Spotted Flycatcher with 5 eggs. The Spotted Flycatchers normal ledge by the bathroom being occupied by House Martins.
Found a siskin nest in a rose bush in garden.

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