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Oak or Ash

Posted on 24 April, 2020 at 15:54
The oak before the ash saying has been consistently won by the oak every year we've been here, and normally very easily. However this year I think it's a draw, as the oak leaves started to open I realised high up in the ash they were also opening.
The warm weather has really brought on the flowers with the bulbs in the main quite stunning.
As for the birds, have heard the cuckoo a few more times this week. A few more nests have started in my boxes, twelve so far. A Great Tit in the apple tree in the bottom garden, probably ten blue tit nests and an unknown on the bridge.
No Pied Flycatchers yet, but sadly a dead male Flycatcher was in one of the blue tit nests. I removed it, pausing to reflect on its efforts to fly back all the way from Africa only to die a few days later. Having checked my notes I noticed that they normally start their nests in the last week in April, so hopefully things will start going next week, but the number of nests are encouraging. 

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